Forget knickerbockers, debated scorecards and fierce tempers, the golfing landscape has evolved.  Whilst tradition remains, the doors have opened for another format of golf that is a more inclusive and accessible experience, and more about enjoyment than it is about score.

From a corporate perspective this encourages a broader field of golfer that may have no sporting inclination whatsoever, and provides all participants with a day of unique experiences centred around customer engagement, entertainment and inclusion.

The course does not necessarily need only be a sporting field, it is a blank canvas for a variety of exciting activations that appeal to men and women of all sporting persuasions.  From themed marquees serving sticky ribs and cold beer, to espresso martini holes, roving masseurs and live music speckling the acres of lush landscape.

Most importantly, this unique format of entertainment and reward also provides the the ideal forum for team building, camaraderie & breaking down the corporate “wall” between supplier and client relationships.


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