BEYOND SPRING CARNIVAL // World class experiences & more bang for your buck

BEYOND SPRING CARNIVAL // World class experiences & more bang for your buck

flindresUndoubtedly, Spring Carnival is an exciting time of year.  The mere suggestion of this historical equine fanfare conjures images of fantastical fascinators, cascading champagne and roses in full bloom.  The events popularity & visibility sees private and corporate alike arrive en masse, battling for a glimpse of the track or paying top dollar for a private marquee.

What lies beyond the annual corporate entertainment & marketing investment into Spring Carnival?  Outside of the box; world class experiences await that will surprise and delight your guests and deliver way beyond the Melbourne Cup marquee budget. Reallocating the inflated per person cost of a Spring Carnival experience to a Victorian regional event, accented with world class accommodation, dining & luxury transfers (helicopter anyone?) – you’ll find there is a lot more bang for your buck.

The annual Flinders Polo on the stunning Mornington Peninsula is a boutique polo event hosted in January, and provides the ultimate backdrop to a thought provoking, surprising and out of the box corporate event.  Away from the jostling crowds & traffic, this idyllic sporting event is set on the stately grounds of a private estate in Flinders, moments from the sea and the world of cool climate wine.  Add helicopter transfers, accommodation at Jackalope & dinner at Point Leo Estate – you have one of the most enviable entertainment programs on the corporate calendar – at a similar price point to the old favourite 2-night package for Melbourne Cup.  Our attached program will give you a taste of this two-night program, and hopefully inspire you to look a little further into this fantastic experience for 2020! Flinders Polo Program


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